What can you do with old ties?

Stropdas vermaken tot vrouwen accessoire

What can you do with old ties?

Ties. A clothing accessory that has become indispensable in international fashion and which is often worn by men, but also women in business life. Ties are not only perfect for a business meeting or a business speech, but also for occasions such as weddings, dinners and all kinds of celebrations.

Ties represent strength, status and happiness. It has a chic look and beautiful meaning. Actually extra beautiful if it is an old tie. An old tie has a story behind it, especially if the tie belonged to a loved one.

We as women love to clear out the wardrobes and breathe new life into it. Do you have a tie that is no longer needed or that can be replaced? Don't throw them away, because you can still make many beautiful things out of them! In this blog we tell you what you can do with an old or discarded tie.

A unique women's tie

The first thing you can make from an old or discarded tie is a new ladies tie! For example, if you have a tie from a loved one such as your grandfather, father, brother or husband, it is extra nice to wear it yourself and to cherish these moments and people in the form of a clothing accessory. This way you always come in fashion, style and in an honorable way on every occasion. This can provide extra support or comfort in a day as the tie carries a lot of value.

A special headband

If you don't wear ties, old ties are perfect for making a ladies headband. Made from an old tie, your headband is very personal with unique prints and designs that only you own. You create an elegant look that keeps your hair out of the way and adds to it as a beautiful clothing accessory. In doing so, you carry the story of the old tie in a special way.


Haarband gemaakt van stropdas

Your personal tie or headband

Does this blog now give you all kinds of ideas which old ties you can use to make a ladies tie or hairband? You can easily have this made at UNTIE, so that you have your own unique and personal clothing accessory, which looks back on a loved one or a special moment. The best way to do this is as follows:

1. Order the personal tie or headband here in the webshop
At checkout, enter the address where you want to receive your product as soon as it is ready. This way we know that a personal tie is coming.

2. Send the tie(s) with your name on it
Shipping can be done in various ways, choose a shipping option that feels right for you (by means of an envelope, letterbox package, package with track & trace or put it through our bus). You can then send the tie(s) to:

Rustenburgerstraat 268-H
1073 GL
The Netherlands

3. You will receive a message when we have received the tie(s)
Upon receipt of your tie(s), we will send you a message so that you know that we have received it safely. The tie will then be made into your chosen product and we will return it within 10 working days in a beautiful black gift box. This is also a perfect box where you can always keep your product nice and unwrinkled.


We are always very curious about the beautiful stories behind a tie, if you want to share them with us, you can write this on a note and add it to the tie or put it as a comment with the order. You really make our day here!

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