How do I dress professionally, yet feminine?

Hoe kleed ik me zakelijk, maar toch vrouwelijk?

How do I dress professionally, yet feminine?

Business attire is seen more as a "man thing", but nothing could be further from the truth. Women can also dress for business as well and it may have a certain charm to it too. Women have more options to dress up a business outfit and bring it to life. So extra fun!

It all starts with a good basic outfit, such as trousers in combination with a nice jacket or a good blouse with a nice skirt and pumps. A matching jacket and bag cannot of course be missed. It is especially important that you stick to your taste and style so that you feel powerful and successful when you wear it.

In addition to the skirt, men have fairly the same clothing items in business as women have, so it's even more fun for us that we can style a business outfit nicely with clothing accessories. In this blog you can read how you can dress professionally, yet feminine and what you can add to complete your outfit.

Zakelijk doch vrouwelijke outfit met haarband





Wear a headband with your business outfit

A headband is feminine and perfect to wear during a business meeting, for example. It gives flair to your outfit and is of course useful to keep your hair back. An extra special and chic look to a business outfit is a hair band made from old ties. Ties often have a quality fabric with beautiful designs and prints. This can give a nice look to a hair band. The hair bands from UNTIE. are all made from ties that were no longer used. Every headband is therefore unique and can add nicely to your business outfit.



Dames stropdas en zakelijke outfit


A female tie is always a good choice

A tie will always remain the ultimate business must-have! It is a clothing accessory that is sure to complete your outfit, especially if it contains a print or design that adds nicely. At UNTIE. we have a wide range of ladies' ties that are made from old ties, just like the hair bands.

If you are looking for extra luxury and quality in your look, it is good to invest in at least one designer tie. Designer ties often use beautiful fabrics, patterns and backgrounds, which make your outfit stand out and look very fashion-conscious. In addition to recycled women's ties, UNTIE also has designer ties from the brands Givenchy, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and many others.

Broche dames vintage


Complete your look with an elegant brooch

What we can not forget and a good addition to any business outfit is a brooch. It's a small, but elegant detail. It gives that little extra, especially because brooches are luxuriously designed with gold, silver, pearls and crystal stones. The UNTIE brooches, for example, are a nice final touch to a business outfit and go well with all kinds of hair bands and ties. In addition, all brooches are vintage and the collection has been compiled with care.

As you have read in this blog, you can dress professionally, yet feminine, with the right accessories. You can wear all clothing accessories individually if you like a more minimalist look. A combination of a headband, tie and brooch is perhaps the most beautiful, because this creates a business-like, yet feminine impression!



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